Real & Imagined

14821. Old Mars (w. canals)
Old Mars -I remember that as a kid, my image of Mars was shaped by the splendid illustrations from National Geographic magazines.  Back then our notion of Mars was quite Romantic -   canals, Martians and  an exotic atmosphere enhanced by  Ray Bradbury's Martian  Chronicles.. 
Old Mars  40x30  $895
11114 Troubled Sphere
Troubled Sphere  14x11  $250
15021.jpg Full Moon
Full Moon  40x30  $895
11814. World XII
World XII  48x36  $995
World X copy.jpg
World X  48x36   $995
14321.jpg  Silver Sphere
Silver Sphere  28x22 $595
14919    Gold Sphere
Sphere VIII  28x22  $595
14921  Sapphire Sphere
Sapphire Sphere  40x30  $895
16816a copy.jpg
Planet III  4x4 $75
World XIII   40x30 $895
11022 2.jpg