Odd & Unusual Works.  Not for Everyone

13118 Un-Natural Forms
Unnatural Organic Forms .           10x8 $195
12520 Earwig art
Earwig II.  10x8  $195
10917 Rare Antler Beetle
 Crimson Antler Beetle 
12816 Sleeping Sun
Sleeping Sun. 6x6 $95
(Cerambycidae) ,  4x4  $75
Homage to Gauss 20x 16 $495
10408 Bhaskara's proof
12921 Barracuda, odd square
Great Barracuda, Impossible Square   6x12 $195
Bhaskara's Proof of the Pythagorean theorem.  12x12 $250.  (Bhaskara explanation on Notes Pages)
11620 coleoctopus
            This is not  really a coleoctopus (my word) but an intertidal beetle, family Staphylinidae, with it’s companion (symbiotic or parasitic ?) of the class cephalopoda (octopus, squid, etc.,) which lives under the beetle’s elytra.
Impossible Object III 11x14 $260
Coleoctopus 5x7 $95
Day of the Dead XXI 7x5 $95
13317 Antler Beetle
Infamous Upper Plains Antler Beetle.     4x4 $75
10722b copy.jpg
Green Beetle (dynasties)
8x10 $195.   Available through
Rental Sales Gallery (Portland Museum of Art)